The RoyalStar Diamond is the realization of a passionate desire to create a more brilliant diamond.

Every diamond in the RoyalStar collection offers limitless radiance, brilliance and fire. With 85 facets RoyalStar has enhanced the already stunning 58 facet diamond to increase the natural beauty. By perfecting the number of facets and angles The RoyalStar Diamond produces optimum intensity of ultimate brilliance.

When comparing the light performance between a 58 facet diamond and the 85 facet RoyalStar Diamond, you will see the difference with the naked eye. The RoyalStar diamond captures more natural light with its faceting, resulting in maximum brilliance and disbursement of white light.


The EGL Light Performance report provided with each diamond illustrates how much brilliance, contrast, and radiance is dispersed from the RoyalStar Diamond. The 360o DNA
(Diamond’s Natural Attraction) is the overall light performance. Each RoyalStar Diamond is hand selected and cut to exact standards, all diamonds must meet “very good” to “excellent” cutting before it can be recognized as a RoyalStar Diamond. Every RoyalStar Diamond is laser inscribed with the RoyalStar trademark and an EGL certificate number, which is unique to your diamond. The EGL Certificate gives you confidence that your diamond has met all of the criteria to be a RoyalStar Diamond.

Artists working in gold for over 30 years

Brilliance has 85 facets

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