At Richard Gretz Goldsmiths, our specialty is the custom design and creation of unique pieces of jewelry.

There is no better way to get exactly what you’
ve been looking
for than to have Richard bring your jewelry dreams to life.

Richard translates your ideas into a dazzling reality so that we can create the heirlooms of tomorrow, together.

Meet with Richard and our knowledgeable staff to refine your unique vision and preferences. A drawing of your custom piece, once approved by you, will be either carved in wax by hand or printed by our 3-D wax printer. Sometimes the piece may even be masterfully hand-formed directly in the metal, a rare technique with stunning results.                                               

The wax model shows the size and dimensions of the piece, as well as how the stones will be set.

It is then cast into gold, platinum, or
palladium, and is finished by the expert hands of our lead goldsmiths or by Richard himself.


Richard has been an artist all his life. Classically
trained with a fine arts degree, his distinctive approach starts with your vision. Blending old-world artistry with the latest technologies in computer aided drafting and 3-D wax printing, Richard will transform your ideas into              beautiful reality.

For more on what makes your experience at Richard Gretz Goldsmiths unique, click here.


Custom Design Process

Artists working in gold for over 39 years

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